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House of Waters is the confluence of multiple streams. With immersive studies in India, Senegal, Japan, the Americas, and beyond, House of Waters has synthesized a new and unique sound. For sixteen years, Max ZT (hammered dulcimer) and Moto Fukushima (six-string electric bass) have carefully crafted a combined voice. Their rare instrumentation allows for the two prolific composers to create a distinct sound, and a compelling and captivating style. For On Becoming, they are joined by the masterful Antonio Sanchez on drums. The trio offer virtuosic performances showcasing their creativity and curiosity both in their six compositions, as well as in three fully improvised additional pieces. With guest appearances by the iconic guitarist Mike Stern, and Grammy-Nominated vocalist Priya Darshini, On Becoming emphasizes the exploration of a sound, of a composition, and of a moment.

Physical / Download / Stream: "On Becoming"

Stream the single: 705

A composition dedicated to the renowned 55 Bar in NYC, which has sadly closed its doors. The title signifies the time this song was completed for the 9pm set at the club. Infused with the rhythm of South American music and embracing the expressive freedom of Western classical styles, the song evokes a sense of nostalgia while paying tribute to a bygone era.

Stream the single: Avaloch

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